We sell and auction premium domains that are considered to be valuable “digital real estate” because they’re easy to remember, protect the brand identity, and expand company/business reach.


SEO optimizations
Boost Revenue
Protect Brand Identity
Targeted clients
Higher Brand Value
Be Unique

Success Stories

Those are only a few examples of a great premium domains in action. Check the list of all extensions.



One of hundreds of new domains, .business is destined to attract attention. .company , .gmbh , whatever you put before the dot will tell web visitors what your .business offers.


.financial domain extensions allows you to create relevant, memorable, and branded domain names for the financial industry. By using .holdings, .consulting or other domain from this category, It’s a great way to market your services to a specific audience and stand out from the competition.

Real Estate

The real estate industry has exploded on the Web, continuing to grow exponentially every year..realestate is perfect for brokers, buyers, sellers. .apartments or .rentals can be used to boost your real estate rental in a specific city/country.

News & Media

Whether it’s breaking news or in-depth investigative journalism, the web has replaced print and broadcast mediums as the go-to source for news and information. The .news or .media domain name takes online journalism a step further.


Still didnt find a perfect domain extension ? There are over 1000 extensions, check the list of all extensions.


  • — What is a domain name?

    A domain name is a web address consisting of a website name and a domain name extension. Just like a physical address helps people find a specific place, the purpose of a domain is to help visitors find a website.

  • — What is a premium domain name?

    Premium domains are usually short, memorable names that are valuable search keywords or meaningful, brandable business identifiers. They vary in price and availability, depending on the search term and top-level domain.

  • — How do premium domains work?

    Premium domain work exactly like all domain names, only they’re usually more memorable and more effective at attracting audiences to your brand, and thus have a premium price. By purchasing a premium domain, you are protecting your brand identity, worldwide.

  • — Do I need a domain for a website?

    A domain is essential for branding and search engine optimization (SEO). Even though users can still find your website without a domain name, it is a crucial part of a site and its brand.

  • — Who can buy a .premium domain name?

    Anyone – individuals, organizations, businesses or investors – can purchase premium domain names.

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